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  Demo space in a hudge  real estate project LOFTTOWN - is a most ambitious challenge for us. The main aim of the DEMOLOFT is  a real space for presentation of various materials, modern design and technological solutions, their impact on the everyday quality of life, environmental improvements and style, as well as the importance of a professional interior designer. The four-storey interior space designer Dalia Mauricaite revealed broad areas such atypical opportunities. The author presents demo interior  as a few residential interior installation types - from the loft space at the ground floor, to a home office on the upper floor.

more about this project:

photo credits: D. Petrulaitis

VIVA CONTRA floor from TARKETT, MERCURY pendant lamp from MURINA, MURANO RETRO CRISTALLO pendant lamp from MURINA, LIVIA dining table from BALDAI JUMS, glass constructions from STIKLITA, dining chairs from BERRY BALDAI

PIXEL kitchen design by NAURIS KALINAUSKAS, realised in CLEAF chipboard by TERMOPALAS

LOGO seating design by NAURIS KALINAUSKAS, produced by SOFTIMUS

THREE table from CONTRAFORMA, PVC flooring from DOREMUS

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