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Unique GROHE RED  equipment which prepares both cold/hot and boiling water, has dictated the universal function of this furniture item. Externally, the cupboard completely interfaces with the interior and can be decorated as a wall [the frame is made of a water resistant MDF board that can be painted, wallpapered or coated with a decorative filler]. Finished in natural copper ARPA HPL inside you can find a wash basin and mini bin integrated into the worktop. The bottom cabinet is equiped with the Grohe Red boiling water system. In the upper part there are two zones. In the right cupboard there are tools for the morning ritual: morning hygiene and face care items, and the left side cupboard sorts out the gadgets of the evening tea drinking ritual. This furniture item can fit perfectly not only in the hotel rooms, but also in living rooms or bedrooms in the residential  areas.

more about this project:

photo credits: D. Petrulaitis

GROHE RED boliling water system from CELSIS

ARPA INDUSTRIALE metallic HPL inside from TERMOPALAS, FORBO natural linoleum outside from TERMOPALAS

design by DALIA MAURICAITE, produced by IP STUDIJA

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